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Undergraduate Program

.Program Objectives

This program provides students with the basic knowledge in nuclear science and engineering, Nuclear technology and its application, who will be engaged in science research, engineering design, technology development, technical and economic management in the field of nuclear engineering and technology.

Ⅱ.Learning Outcomes

1. Good grounding in both humanities and arts, and natural science, especially quality in humanities and arts;

2. A broad understanding of basic technical theory in energy and power engineering, including mechanics, thermology, electrical engineering and electronics;

3. Having a good knowledge of one or two specialty-oriented aspects, understanding the front and trend of development in this field;

4. Skills in drafting, calculating, test, investigating and study, literature searching, process and operating;

5. Mastery of a foreign language to read specialized literature, and ability of listening and speaking (CET 4 level or higher);

6. Ability to learn and use computers to solve problems in engineering;

7. Good quality of self-learning, analysis and innovative thinking.

Ⅲ.Program Highlights

With energy, environment, nuclear power as its background, based on the science of heat fluid, this program gives consideration to facility manufacture procedure control and information technique, and is designed to combine thermology and electricity together.

Ⅳ.Main Disciplines

Nuclear engineering and technology

Power engineering and engineering thermal physics

Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Automatic Technique

Ⅴ.Program Length and Degree

Program Length: 4 years

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

Ⅵ.Credits Hours and Units

Minimum curriculum credits (including courses and practicum): 158.3credits

Core courses cannot be covered using credits from other courses in the program.

Minimum Extracurricular Credits:5credits

Ⅶ.Main Courses

Material Mechanics

Theoretical Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

Engineering thermodynamics

Engineering Heat Transfer

Principle of machinery

Design of Machinery

Foundation of Engineering Control

and so on

Ⅷ.Practicum Module(experiments included)

Military Training

Laboring for Public Benefit

Mechanical Engineering Training

Industrial Practice

and so on

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