About us

About us

The Department of Nuclear Engineering and Technology (DNET),affiliated with the School of Energy & Power Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), originated from the Department of Engineering Physics initialized at Huazhong Institute of Technology back in 1958. In spite of a sign of greatsuccess, the program was suspended in 1962 due to the national situation.It was resumed by starting a joint staff-trainingprogram with China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) in 2005 and this joint training program has lasted since then.In 2010,our department managed to make talent-training agreement with China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). More importantly,in the same year, the Bachelor’s degree program of “Nuclear Engineering and Technology” was certificated by the Ministry of education of China. Now we have more than 100 undergraduate students and a decent amount of graduate students.

Our department owns many integrated platforms,such as theThermal-hydraulics Comprehensive Laboratory, the Advanced Nuclear System Analysis and Computation Center, the Nuclear Power Plant Simulation and Operation Center,and also the Nuclear-Environment-Chemical Interdisciplinary Laboratory.

Our department is in cooperation with a lot of domestic and abroad research institutes.We have a mutual protocol with City University of Hong Kong in postgraduate education.We also have connections with many well-known universities like Purdue University and University of Wisconsin.

Now the department has more than 10 teaching and research staff at professor, associate and assistant professor levels.

Research areas

Main research directions:

  • Design of advanced nuclear energy system and computer simulation

  • Thermal-hydraulic and safety analysis of reactor

  • Gas-liquid two-phase flow and heat transfer

  • Heat transfer and flow inporous media

  • Technology of heat transfer enhancement in energy power plant

  • Thermo-mechanical analysis in energy systems

  • Radioactive waste processing

  • Filtered containment venting system

  • Nuclear material

  • Plasma wall interaction in fusion reactors

  • Passive safety system

  • Calculation in reactor physics and thermal hydraulic

  • Nuclear Safety

Main research contents:

  • Design and verification of passive safety system of GenerationIIInuclear plant

  • Filtered containment venting system of nuclearpowerplan

  • Computer simulation of the production and evolution of defects in materials under particle bombardment

  • Computational method of reactor physics and thermal coupling

  • Nuclear energy system’s thermal-hydraulic and safety analysis

  • Scale modeling experiment and program verification of nuclear plant

  • Containment’s leakage rate model and research about distributing rates

  • Research about thermal conductive mechanism of SiC composite using in nuclear

  • Research about removing radionuclide in water using carbon materials


The teachers and their main research interests:


Yang Jun: yang_jun@hust.edu.cn, PhD of Purdue University

(I) ReactorThermal-hydraulic andsafety analysis

(II) Gas-liquid two-phase flow and heat transfer

(III) Design of passive safety system of GenerationIIInuclearreactor

(IV) Experimental analysis ofCriticalHeatFluxin fuel buddle

(V) Designand innovation of ContainmentFilteredVenting

Huang Xiaoming: xmhuang@hust.edu.cn, PhD of HUST

(I) Heat transfer and fluid flow in porous media

(II) Gas-liquidtwophaseflow andheattransfer

(III) Enhancementheattransfertechnologies inenergypowerequipment

(IV) Thermodynamicsanalysis ofenergysystem

(V) Heat andfluid flow indevices of NPP

(VI) Theoretical prediction of the sealing characteristics of the NPP containment

Xu Lejin: xulejin@hust.edu.cn, PhD of Tsinghua University

(I) Treatment ofwater and wastewaterby chemical method

(II) Treatment of low and mediumradioactive wasteusing advanced oxidation processes and cement solidification method

(III) Treatment of radioactive wastewater by adsorption method

(IV) Research about filtering method in filtered containment venting system

Yang Zhangcan: yang_zhangcan@hust.edu.cn, PhD of Purdue University

(I) Multi-scale computer simulation in nuclear material

(II) Low energy ion beam induced surface patterning

(III) Ion-surface interactions

Wu Hsingtzu: hsingtzu@hust.edu.cn, PhD of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nuclear safety

Deng Chengcheng:dengcc@hust.edu.cn, PhD of Tsinghua University

(I) Scalinganalysis on thermal-hydraulictest facilitiesof nuclear reactors

(II) Best-estimate calculationsplusuncertaintyanalysisfor nuclear safety

(III) Design and simulation of passive safety systems of advanced nuclear power plants

(IV) Micro and nano-scale simulation ofthethermal propertiesof nuclear materials

Zhou Xiafeng:zhouxiafeng@hust.edu.cn, PhD of Tsinghua University

(I) Reactor physicsnumerical methods.

(II) Reactorthermal-hydraulics numerical methods

(III) Simulation of nuclear complex coupling system

(IV) Research about filtered containment venting system

(V) Solving large sparse linear systems

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